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Are you looking for someone who can improve your IT infrastructure and optimize your processes? With us you will find a reliable partner who develops the right IT solution for your business processes.

We provide support

We make sure that your IT infrastructure works smoothly. Let us do this together!

Software documentation

Software testing

Assistance with software rollouts

SSRS Reporting

User training

General IT consulting

First/Second/Third Level Support

App development for Android and iOS

Hardware-dependet development (C, C++)

Programs in Python and Java

Application Development on Windows (C#)

Erik Nissen

  • Consulting
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Communication and Software Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  • C# Software Developer (ILS)

Manuela Nissen

  • Software development
  • Certified C#.NET Programmer (SGD)
  • Certified Android App Programmer (SGD)

In addition to our expert know-how and many years of experience in the IT area, a cooperative partnership and conscientious planning, execution and consulting, you can expect the following IT services from us:

Software documentation

We know how important detailed IT documentation is during software projects. This is the only way future developments, maintenance and application operation are possible without any problems. For example, knowledge about the software can be made centrally available in user manuals if required.

User training

In order to design and accelerate the process sequences more efficiently, it is important to support your employees with the necessary knowledge of existing IT applications in the best way possible. In our IT training courses, we deal specifically with your day-to-day business and demonstrate possible applications that can be used to work more efficiently.

Software testing

The quality of your software is a decisive factor for the success of your business. We deliver professional test processes and ensure that your software runs stable and reliable as well as is up to future requirements. We perform functional tests with your software, also on mobile devices.

SSRS Reporting

We take care of your reporting system and develop a layout tailored to your needs by using SQL Server Reporting Services. SSRS supports formats such as TIFF, XML, PDF or Excel, but can also be programmed for other formats on request. We can automate the preparation of your data for you and simplify your reporting.

Assistance with software rollouts

Due to the rapid development in the IT industry it becomes necessary to replace obsolete computer hardware or software from time to time to accelerate the process sequences. To ensure a smooth and speedy exchange, we are happy to assist you with data backup, data migration, software configuration and more.

General IT consulting

We are there to assist you with all IT-relevant questions. If you wish, we can check your existing EDP structures, the performance of the existing systems, develop an overall IT concept or give you advice on cost savings in the IT area.

First/Second/Third Level Support

We offer IT support on all levels – from helpdesk and 2nd level support to 3rd level support for more complex problems. You can rely on us! If you are interested in efficient troubleshooting, you have come to the right place. We guarantee a smooth support process that saves you money and increases the satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Application Development on Windows (C#)

Together with you we develop a software solution that is optimal for you. Thanks to additional qualifications in the field of application development, we know how your wishes can best be implemented. With us you can be sure to always receive the best technical solution.

App development for Android and iOS

We offer a professional full service for your business app. We provide everything from conception and development to testing and maintenance. Together with us your app will be a success!

Hardware-dependent development (C, C++)

The hardware-dependent programming is another field which is supported by us. Benefit from fast and lean algorithms for your hardware.

Programs in Python and Java

We program in the languages Java and Python so that we can optimally assist you in your desired programming language.

Why rely on an external IT service provider like NiTec?

You are a small to medium-sized company whose core business is not in the IT and EDP field and are therefore looking for assistance with your IT-supported business processes?

You have little to no knowledge of the technical terms of IT and would like an IT service provider who can communicate the technical IT vocabulary in an understandable way so that you can understand and select the IT services offered according to your needs?

Then NiTec is the right place for you! We advise you which IT service is useful for your company and implement IT projects immediately if desired. It is important to us to offer added value for our customers and to achieve the goals set in advance in the shortest possible time.

  • Step 1:

    Analysis of your company and business processes to understand connections and find out what results you expect from the IT.
  • Step 2:

    Based on these insights, we compile IT services that are relevant for you, which can provide you with these results and facilitate your work processes.
  • Step 3:

    Then we go through our IT offer together with you and prioritize the individual services.
  • Step 4:

    We will then provide you with a clear and transparent offer that is completely tailored to your needs, focusing on you as the customer and helping you to further expand your company’s success.

Competent consulting

We are your contact partner if you need assistance with existing projects or if you need to design a new software. We would also be happy to visit your company and advise you on site. With our help, you no longer have to worry about your IT and can fully concentrate on your daily business.

We advise you clearly and comprehensibly and together with you we develop a needs-oriented concept for your IT infrastructure.

Your advantages:

  • We ensure the smooth operation of your IT system.
  • We provide you with individual IT support – even directly on site if necessary.
  • We proactively counteract all possible IT problems and thus prevent system failures.
  • With us you have a personal contact person on whom you can fully rely.

Company’s future

If you’re still hesitating and think: It must be costing a lot of money, then let me tell you that stable IT solutions are an investment in your company’s future. With an optimized IT infrastructure you save time and money in the long run. Nothing is more annoying than when computer systems go on strike or programs don’t work the way they should. Save yourself the trouble and rely on a sustainable IT solution right from the beginning! As a small or medium-sized company, you deserve an IT that is just as good as the big players. Do not settle for less!

At NiTec, we always have your IT productivity gains and your IT budget in mind. If you are looking for an equal partner you can rely on in all IT matters, NiTec is the right partner for you!

Avoid being one of those companies that are skimping on IT spending. Take with us the chance to grow and expand your company by digitizing your business processes.


Questions that may be on your mind now:

We need assistance with an existing IT project. Can we contact NiTec in this case?

We at NiTec support you in every phase of your IT project: From planning to implementation. Our IT specialists combine technical know-how and practical experience. They develop sustainable innovative concepts for you and then look after their implementation. You can decide whether we should assist you in selected areas or implement the entire IT project. We support you in the following areas:

  • Software development in C, C++, Python, Java, C#
  • Software documentation
  • User Training
  • Software testing
  • SSRS Reporting
  • Software rollouts
  • IT Support
  • App development for Android and iOS
Is on-site support also possible?

Of course we also offer an on-site service if the tasks cannot be carried out by remote maintenance or helpdesk or if you explicitly wish on-site service. Regular IT support and IT consulting directly at your premises is often the key to successful cooperation. We provide IT specialists with certified know-how and many years of experience, who will assist and support you e.g. in application development on Windows (C#), in the renewal of your software or hardware or generally in the area of IT consulting.

In which radius does NiTec offer on-site service?

In general, you can count on our presence on site all over Germany. For our customers in Europe and the US, we also offer a full on-site service for larger IT projects. Whether consulting, delivery, installation or setup: Our IT specialists are on site when you need them. We integrate new hardware or software into your existing computer system, adapt all components to each other and ensure that your IT is smoothly integrated into your processes and functions smoothly.

What kind of software is NiTec available for?

In order to be able to answer this question competently, we need more precise details of the project or the software concerned. Only then can we assess to what extent we can support you with our know-how. Because the added value for our customers is our top priority! Our experienced IT specialists will also be happy to visit you on site to get an exact picture of your IT environment.

Is the web development area covered by NiTec?

This question cannot be answered in general either. In order to answer this question, we must first thoroughly examine and objectively evaluate your project and your requirements and expectations. Only then can we decide whether we can cover your programming project in the back-end or front-end web development area. An open exchange is therefore our first priority and forms the basis for a successful cooperation.

Which IT areas are covered by NiTec?

NiTec already covers a very broad spectrum in the IT area. In addition to general IT consulting, we also offer user training, software testing, IT support, app development for IOS, software programming and software documentation. With us you have a competent partner when it comes to making your IT competitive.

Call us:

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Are you looking for an IT specialist to take care of your IT department? Or are you still unsure whether you need an IT service provider at all?

In both cases we can help you. Send us an e-mail with your request today without any obligation or simply give us a call! We are happy to advise you when it comes to your IT.

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